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CR Group, a Catelan Rodrigues family holding, encompasses three key business units: CR Edge, a consultancy firm, CR Advogados, a law firm, and CR Agro, responsible for managing the family's investments in agribusiness. The goal of this project was to create a single and recognizable visual identity for the three brands, each brand with their unique elements, according to their respective businesses.


For CR Edge, the logo takes the shape of a drop, symbolizing the essence of fluidity and adaptability. CR Agro, on the other hand, adopts a leaf format, representing the strong connection to nature and the agribusiness sector. Lastly, CR Advogados' logo features a square format, symbolizing solidity and reliability.


Within each of these distinctive shapes, one can find two additional graphic shapes: a round and a square. These elements represent the initials "C" and "R" of the family name, while also representing the individuals within the interconnected ecosystem. Additionally, each brand maintains its own unique color palette, further distinguishing them visually and reinforcing their individual brand identities within the larger family holding.


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