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The challenge for Gator's branding project was to come up with a name and visual identity that would not only be unique, but also reflect the spirit of crossfit and the location of the gym, in Hallendale, FL. The name "Gator" was chosen, which is a nod to the alligators, which Florida is renowned for, as well as the strength and toughness that these animals possess. This name perfectly captures the essence of crossfit athletes who are known for their endurance and resilience.

In addition to the name, a visual identity was also developed for Gator. The logo showcases a stylized alligator in the form of the letter "G", along with custom designed lettering. It comes in two versions, a linear and a circular one, both featuring the same elements. The typography and colors were also carefully chosen to complement the theme and to ensure that the logo is easily recognizable. The result is a strong, memorable, and unique brand that perfectly captures the essence of Gator Crossfit.


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