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sim;paul is an investment platform created for making investing straightforward and rewarding. It values simplicity, freedom, and transparency, and is committed to saying 'yes' to profiting together with its clients. The name sim;paul embodies these ideals perfectly — it is phonetically similar to 'simple,' a key attribute the brand strives for. Additionally, in Portuguese, it means "yes, paul," reflecting the dedication to meeting the clients' needs with an affirmative attitude.

The branding project was designed to encapsulate the essence of sim;paul. The logo, carefully crafted with the brand's core values in mind, showcases a clean and minimalist font. But that's not all—the logo also features a distinctive winking face created by combining the ";" symbol with the letter "P." This winking face serves as a friendly and approachable representation of sim;paul's agreeing attitude, effectively breaking away from the formality typically associated with the finance industry. sim;paul is all about ensuring a seamless and enjoyable investment experience. 


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