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CASA CASTRO is a Brazilian jewelry brand with a rich history spanning over 100 years. As a fourth-generation family-owned business, they have mastered the art of intricate and challenging stone cuttings and carving natural gemstones. Their creations inspired by nature, and adorned with bold combinations of colors and textures are featured in prominent luxury retailers throught the world, like Sak's, Bergdorf and ModaOperandi. In honor of their centenary, CASA CASTRO embarked on a visual identity refresh, paying homage to their heritage while showcasing their commitment to contemporary style and design.

The core of the visual identity project was the creation of a new logo that encapsulates their roots. Drawing inspiration from the typography displayed on their original São Paulo store's facades in the early 1920s, the logo exudes an elegant art deco vibe, reminiscent of that era. It beautifully captures a sense of sophistication and refinement, staying true to the brand's legacy. In addition to the logo, the revamped visual identity features a monogram and accompanying pattern, as well as a carefully curated color palette. Together, these elements not only showcase their extraordinary craftsmanship but also convey their commitment to quality and timeless style.


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