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For the visual identity project of Gurgel D'Alfonso, the main focus was to create a logo that incorporated both of the founders' last names without creating any hierarchy between them. The solution was to design a logo with different versions, a circular one and an L-shaped one, both incorporating the G from Gurgel and the D from D'Alfonso into a single initial letter, allowing each name to take center stage depending on the logo's position. This design decision not only achieved the founders' goal of an inclusive and collaborative brand identity but also provided a versatile and adaptable logo that could be used across various media and marketing materials.

In addition to designing the logo, the typefaces were selected and a color palette was developed to complement the design and reflect the company's modern and sophisticated approach to architecture and interior design. The outcome was a strong and recognizable visual identity visual identity that makes Gurgel D'Alfonso stand out in the competitive design market of São Paulo.


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