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Diin's branding project aimed to establish its identity as the pioneering fintech in Brazil, enabling micro investments and inspiring Brazilians to develop the habit of saving, reduce indebtedness, and embark on a journey towards more lucrative investments. To achieve this, a comprehensive brand strategy was developed, encompassing the creation of a logo, app icon, selection of fonts and a vibrant color palette, along with key visuals for effective brand communication. The logo design features an icon formed by the dots from the two letters "i", resembling merging droplets, symbolizing Diin's commitment to empowering financial growth for its users.


The visual elements of Diin's branding were crafted to reflect the accessibility and inclusivity of micro investments. With the ability to invest as little as R$1, the Diin app made investing attainable for a wide range of individuals. The carefully chosen fonts and vibrant colors conveyed a sense of trust, reliability, and modernity, setting the brand apart from the more formal and traditional financial segment. Overall, the branding project played a pivotal role in shaping Diin's identity and establishing it as a pioneering force within Brazil's fintech landscape.


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