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No Ponto is a premium meat shop in São Paulo, that offers a diverse selection of top-quality animal protein, ranging from succulent beef to poultry, swine, and seafood. Its visual identity is inspired by vintage butcher shops in New York City, and the brand's variable logo takes center stage, featuring unique engravings of different animals in each version. Accompanying the variable logo is a non-variable version, ensuring versatility in branding applications.

The visual identity extends beyond the logo, as a pattern incorporating all the animal engravings has been designed for use on wrapping papers and paper bags. These engravings also find their place in other graphic materials and products. With a nod to the vintage handmade style, the visual identity showcases a worn-out woodcut effect, exuding an authentic and artisanal aura. To further enhance the brand's character, the chosen fonts convey masculinity, while a refined color palette assigns a distinct hue to each kind of protein, all against a timeless black and white backdrop. 


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