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For Viracopos Airport's visual identity, the goal was to create a distinctive visual identity that reflected its significance as the second major air cargo terminal in Brazil. Situated just outside Campinas and within close proximity to São Paulo, Viracopos has a sprawling cargo terminal covering 81,000 square meters, and contributes a substantial 18% to the total cargo movement recorded at Brazilian airports. The airport's commitment to sustainability is evident through its incorporation of photovoltaic cells on the roof, capturing solar energy, and a rainwater reuse system. Moreover, Viracopos prioritizes passenger comfort, boasting a compact design complemented by a visually striking architectural identity.

Aiming to distinguish from the conventional aviation branding motifs such as aircraft silhouettes, birds, and wings, Viracopos's logo showcases a unique symbol inspired by the light trails captured in low-speed photographs left by aircrafts during takeoffs and landings. The logo's gradient colors ranges from shades of blue to hues of yellow, symbolizing the transitions between day and night and mirroring the airport's ceaseless operations. This distinctive visual identity captures the essence of Viracopos, presenting a dynamic and forward-thinking airport that stands out in the industry.


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